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In your essays on The Great Gatsby, may ask you to dwell on such issues as American Dream, idealism or decadence. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby, there is an undeniable chemistry between the two main characters, Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald uses his.
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As Max Weber observed it, the spirit of capitalism is closely related to the ethical code of the Protestants. As in Protestantism, work and activity are among the highest virtues, profit is seen as the merit of such work and something that has an end in itself. For Calvinists, which believed in predestination, success in business was a sign that one is chosen and saved by God. As Protestant ideals profoundly influence the American culture, it also characterized by a belief that the acquisition of wealth has no other goal than simply acquisition of wealth.

They become the characteristics of the certain social class, who own large amounts of money. The mean that helps to achieve the high degree of social criticism in The Great Gatsby is an unsympathetic portrayal of the majority of the characters. Tom Buchanan personifies narrow-minded, racist, and conservative American aristocracy. He has a significant amount of the inherited wealth.

However, he his success makes him neither moral nor hard-working. This disrupts the link between wealth and morality, so typical for the American dream. Tom, as the most reach character in the novel, fully reveals, how debilitating the effects of consumerism and commodification can be. He believes that one is what one owns, and treats other people as if they were his commodity. His wife Daisy, who was a personification of desire for Gatsby and is the personification of the American dream for him, is, in fact, empty and indifferent Boyle. She is interested in Gatsby only because she is sure that he terribly reaches and has a higher socioeconomic position than she does.

Thus, immediately after finding out the truth about Gatsby, Daisy loses all interest in him.

The Great Gatsby Research Paper

Myrtle Wilson represents the devastating influence that the American dream has on the people from the working class. Gatsby himself is also no more virtuous than other characters. His love for Daisy is fake; he treats her as a commodity that could prove everyone, including himself, that he finally belongs to the world of the privileged. Even when he first meets Daisy and lies to her about his social status, Gatsby does not seduce her because of love: he simply wants to defy the class norms of the American society Callahan Throughout the novel, even though it seems that Gatsby loves Daisy, he is treating her no better than Tom: just as a possession.

Her actual feelings and personality do not matter for Gatsby. He demonstrates that it does not actually fulfill the desires of the characters and does not bring happiness.

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In the novel, the characters who live the life so adored by the poor are empty and mean. Even the main character, Gatsby, is incapable of love, and only dreams to be with his beloved because of her social status and what she symbolizes to him. Bewley, Marius. Boyle, Thomas. Callahan, John. JSTOR, doi: Fitzgerald, F.

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